"There is a small administration fee for the uploading of course materials to the Course Detective website of £5 per course" 
The cost of leads from Course Detective will depend on the cost of the course provided and the amount of leads generated and varies from provider to provider. 
2. Generally, if the cost of the course provided is: 
£99, the charge is £8 per warm lead 
£100 - £599, the charge is £16 per warm lead 
£600 - £999, the charge is £32 per warm lead 
£1000 +, the charge is £48 per warm lead 
N.B. These charges are merely estimated and will vary from provider to provider. A quotation will always supersede the pricing policy. 
3. Warm leads for Group bookings are charged as above. Where a group booking lead does not convert to a firm booking, and there is sufficient evidence to support this, a refund will be available upon request. 
4. Course Detective offers a payment plan option to students via a 3rd party credit broker. In these cases, the cost of the course will be forwarded to the course provider, when the student has signed up and funds have been made available by the credit broker. 
5. When Course Detective is taking payment directly from the student, the lead will be passed to the course provider in a timely manner, and the cost of the lead generation/sign up will be deducted from the amount forwarded to the course provider. 
6. Course Detective shall adapt the Pricing Policy to meet the requirements of different providers wherever possible. Please note that some pricing structures are unique to individual providers and will be explained in the quotation supplied. Course Detective reserves the right to alter the quotation, if required, at any time. 
7. Course Detective reserve the right to alter the Pricing Policy at any time and inform clients of any changes at the point of lead generation or firm sign up. 


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