So, at the time of writing, it is almost, very nearly, ever so close to CHRISTMAS!! My absolute favourite time of year! So which type of person are you? Will or would you study during the festive holidays, or indeed any holiday time, or do you have to completely stop and relax, with no time or inclination for anything academic? 
Personally, I will do some study during the festive break – partly because I have a 10-year-old and he will drive me mad during the holidays, so I will lock myself away in my office for some quiet time, with the excuse of needing to complete my studies for the month! 
All joking aside, I also find it a great time to find my own headspace, forget about work for a short time and concentrate on me and what makes me happy. Study makes me happy and having my brain free from the clutter caused by work is magical. The clear headspace brings with it a better standard of work and generally good marks for any assignments completed during these periods of time. This always leads me to thinking how lovely it would be to retire early, win the lottery or for some other reason, not need to work, so that I may concentrate all my energies on my studies. Then again, if I was not working, would I feel the need to be bettering myself with academic study? Probably not, although I think I would try some more vocational studies, art or photography or something else along those lines. I must add at this stage I will have some quality time with my family. Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day are an absolute no-no for anything but family time. At this stage in our lives, while we do have members of the family who work shift patterns, we do not have anyone in the immediate family or wider family, who works Christmas Day. There is, however, a lot of other time over the festive period that is quieter and ideal for study. 
What happens during that time betwixt Christmas and New Year? Apart from the obvious consumption of copious amounts of turkey, ham, chocolate, mince pies and Christmas cake! To me those days are the days to get studying – I will be completing an assignment due for submission in January this Christmas. With that clear mind I’ve already talked about and the peace and quiet of my home office, I will only need a couple of days (a few hours each day) to complete the work, it’s actually a very small amount of time that is required. Perhaps this reality is what some people do not understand. 
They believe by signing up to study, they will have to set aside all their down time to complete the work involved. This simply is not the case. You can spend a few hours a week on a subject and achieve amazing things. A few hours where you might have watched something on TV for instance (let’s face it apart from Strictly, what is there to watch – really?!). 
If you are studying and you do study over the festive period, well done you! If you find yourself thinking, I could do that, I could spend some time studying - then do it, just do it! Visit Course Detective and see what type of study might suit you. Remember, you can speak to one of the experts about what might fit with your own personal circumstances, via the live web chat on their website 
Happy Christmas and New Year to you all! 
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