At Course Detective, we are delighted to collaborate with the course provider Pass Functional Skills who assist learners in acquiring their functional skills credentials. The functional skills level 2 qualifications are indispensable for augmenting employability and securing admission into University and other courses, making them a pivotal entry qualification. When you enroll, enter the coursedetective10 code upon checkout to avail a 10% discount! (This is applicable to all exams and resources). Click here to book your exam now and remember the code above! 
The Mathematics and English functional skills level 2 assessments can be undertaken conveniently from the solace of your abode through this provider. To adequately prepare for the evaluations, obtaining premium revision materials and courses is imperative. The subsequent inventory of resources will prime you excellently for your functional skills revision. 
Revision Materials 
Functional Skills Maths Level 2 Revision Cards are a great way to revise the key topic areas and determine what you still need to revise on. Each card works through the topic area with worked examples and explanations of methods. On reverse of each flashcard is a practice question to test your knowledge and understanding of the topic you have just learnt. 
The functional skills English level 2 cards work in a similar way to the maths, by working through each topic area with practice exercises on the reverse of each card. 
One of the key resources that learners use is the functional skills past papers to help them get prepared. The issue with these papers is that there are few of the new exams from 2019 and students are often looking for other papers. The following functional skills maths level 2 practice papers are formatted in the same way as the actual exams and are relevant to all the major exam boards including City and Guilds, Edexcel, NCFE, AQA and others. 
If you are looking for a functional skills course, or any other type of course, you will find the support you need at Course Detective. 
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