Depending on your background you may wonder what “upskilling” means. It is about gaining new skills or enhancing existing skills, through specific courses and training. It enables you (or your staff) to gain qualifications that will help to strengthen your attributes and advance your career (or improve the productivity of your organisation). 
It is important to build on your own skillset and/or that of your workforce. Upskilling will allow you to learn new skills, build on existing skills and ultimately enhance your future prospects and career. Upskilling will also allow you to take advantage of learning the latest industry trends and theories, which will keep you on top of your game. This can be particularly useful in industries that are evolving with the introduction of new technology. 
There are many ways to upskill, but far the most popular, at the moment, is enrolling on online courses. There is a plethora of courses available to suit varying academic levels and career choices. Instead of spending numerous hours trying to decide what course or qualification would be right for you, you can contact Course Detective. They can help you find a course that is correct for you and they are always happy to advise and discuss opportunities. You may want to unleash the Picasso, Mary Quant or Warhol within and enrol on an online art & design btec equivalent or maybe your Maths could do with some improvement or you want to gain that qualification you missed out on at school. 
You can gain a GCSE equivalent by enrolling on the functional skills course at Course Detective. Not only could this help to advance your career it could be just the thing you need to give you access to further/higher education. Perhaps you have always wanted to work with animals and would enjoy learning about dog behaviour or would like to enrol on a Veterinary Support Assistant Diploma. 
In truth, the world is your oyster when it comes to enhancing your qualifications and upskilling and it really is true to say that having more qualifications and courses under your belt has the power to open so many doors in life. Interestingly, did you know that studying can be helpful for people living with or recovering from mental illness? It can improve your self-esteem and well-being too! So, what are you waiting for? There really is no better time to enhance and upskill and it is something you are sure to never regret. 
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