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Ref: CDKOLO14 
This qualification should be completed by: 
This course is suitable for those who presently work in the advising and guiding sector, offering clients with factual, current, and impartial information and presenting ideas in an accessible style for them to explore, therefore outlining and proposing routes to help clients meet their needs. 
Learners may also have managerial or training duties, as well as experience in the creation of information, advise, and guide materials. It's critical for students to be able to demonstrate their ability to form innovative partnerships with other businesses. 
Examples of employment roles in which this qualification may be useful 
Course Summary 
Candidates who complete this TQUK Level 4 NVQ Diploma in Advice and Guide will have the skills, information, and understanding necessary to work in the field of advice and guidance. It is intended for experienced practitioners who work with clients on a daily basis. The certificate focuses on participants' practical abilities in a variety of advising and guidance situations. The course's several components will provide the learner with vital skills and knowledge to help them manage their caseload more successfully and provide personalised care to each of their clients. 
Learners will have up-to-date understanding of the law as it pertains to their role. The study of Abraham Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs, Carl Rogers Person-Centred Approach and his three Core Conditions, Gibb's Model of Reflection, and Kolb's Learning Cycle are all examples of reflective practise units. 
Those who finish the qualification will notice a considerable improvement in their ability to write case studies and evaluate their own practises. 
The following are some examples of job roles where this qualification could be useful: 
Career’s advisor 
Youth worker 
Support worker 
Family support 
Citizen’s advice 
Tenancy offer 
Workforce development 
Community support 
Case worker 
Housing officer 
Debt advisor 
What method will I use to study: 
Written essays, a portfolio of evidence, and observation of vocational competence will be used to assess the qualification. Each learner must provide portfolio evidence for each unit that indicates achievement of all learning outcomes and assessment criteria. 
The amount of time it takes you to finish the framework is totally dependent on your commitment and motivation to complete the assignments. Learners usually finish a Level 4 in Advice & Guidance in 8-10 months. 
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