Option 1 
Essential Skills: Application of Number (AON) Equivalent in level to GCSE Maths 
The Essential Skills Wales Application of Number Qualification will focus on the basics of mathematics: 
Understanding data 
Applying correct calculations 
Presenting results 
Assessment Structure: 
Controlled Task: learners will need to demonstrate their understanding by completing a written task within a time limit under controlled conditions.  
Confirmatory Test: Having completed the Controlled Task, learners will take a short test comprised of 20 multiple choice questions. 
Level 1 
Controlled Task: 4 hours 
Confirmatory Test: 30 minutes 
Level 2 
Controlled Task: 5 hours 
Confirmatory Test: 45 minutes 
What are they for? 
Many of the courses we offer require you to have a certain level of proficiency in maths, computer skills and English communication. 
Before beginning any course with us you will be required to take a WEST assessment. This will allow us to establish your current working level in these 3 areas and to determine whether you will need to complete any of the Essential Skills Qualifications to meet the required standards for your course. 
How we will work with you. 
Using your WEST scores we will create a personal learning plan for you and establish the necessary training required for you to reach your desired level. 
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