REF: CDG2006010 
Please note; Students may find locating an examination centre difficult for this examination. We recommend switching to the Ofqual. 501/2278/2 course if this is the case because the course is equivalent (same units, same level, same opportunities for progression to higher courses) and does not necessitate the writing of an essay or attendance to an examination centre as the course is examined by online portfolio submission instead (highly recommended). 
The International GCSE ART & DESIGN syllabus is designed to enable pupils to explain and understand the artistic world around them. This highly valued qualification will evidence both pupils' understanding of key theoretical principles and practical skills. 
The International GCSE Art & Design syllabus enables pupils to progress on to A level Art & Design / Foundation Diploma in Art and Design which will open opportunities to study further at university. 
Teacher assessments are continuous during LIVE TAUGHT lessons, marking of coursework and assignments. 
Homework will be given at the end of each week, usually in the form of problems to solve, researching key concepts. 
Parents have 24/7 access to all of their children's coursework. Additionally the school holds 3 parent consultaions per year - one each term. 
The Teacher 
Hi. I am Head of the Art Department. I am a qualified secondary school teacher (PGCE) and educated to Degree level. I have many years of teaching experience in Art & Design and I am passionate about getting the most out of my pupils. 
Course Outline 
This course is well-regarded among colleges and universities as it is well-rounded allowing learners to have a grasp of all aspects of Art & Design giving a firm basis from which to springboard into A-level and beyond. 
Key Components / Units to be Completed 
Unit 1. Confidence and Skills Builder - 17 Tasks designed to teach skills in drawing, painting and sculpture (optional but teacher may require it if deemed necessary) 
Unit 2. Themed Project - An art project based on a theme of the students choice (optional but teacher may require it if deemed necessary) 
Component 3 - 1500 - 2000 word written/practical project for external assessment by the examination board 
Component 1 -Themed project set and assessed externally by the examination board. 
An equivalent vocational course is offered for pupils who struggle with examinations - Level 2 Art and Design Ofqual. 501/2278/2 
All students will require sketching pencils, colouring pencils, eraser, acrylic paints and range of brushes for drawing and painting. Students are advised to collect a variety of found materials from around the home for sculpture and mixed media tasks. 
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