SELL AND BUY EDUCATIONAL RESOURCES WITH COURSE DETECTIVE   Wish to sell your Educational Resources?  You could make extra income to use towards holidays, savings and so much more... Simply fill in the contact form below with a discription of your educational resource, upload the images of your educational resource with a price and start selling once we have confirmed the advert and uploaded the details.  Wish to purchase Educational Resources?  Browse through our collection of resources and if you wish to purchase, simply make the required payment via PayPal using the email by clicking on the Pay Now button below each item. Ensure that you include the name and number of each item you wish to purchase. You as the buyer are responsible to pay the required postage fee which is stated by the buyer. Currently, items can only be sold seperately or in set bundles. Please note that the seller will keep records of their packages ready to send and proof of postage. As the buyer, you confirm that Course Detective can share your postage address with the seller. The seller aims to post your item within three days of purchasing.  

Selection of Mrs Wordsmith resources 
FREE postage  
Selection of Mrs Wordsmith, English language tools, daily workbooks, packs of word cards.  
5 packs of cards 
4 workbooks 
1 folder 
Educational Resource example two 
Description and details will be placed here for each item 
Educational Resource example three 
Description and details will be placed here for each item 

Please Note- by filling in the form and uploading images to sell, as the seller, you agree to the below Terms and Conditions  As the seller, it is your responsibility to send the items appropriately packaged and set the postage and fee (payable by the buyer) which you require in addition to the price of the item Send the item within three days of receiving confirmation from Course Detective that an item has been purchased Course Detective will charge commission for each item sold, the commission rate will be 25% of the cost of each item.  Course Detectve will release the funds to the seller via PayPal once the buyer has recieved their item and has confirmed that they have received it Take photos and keep postal receipts to confirm that you have packaged up and sent items to ensure any disputes can be resolved Currently, items can only be sold seperately or in set bundles 

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