If your child lives with autism or a related condition, perhaps you are concerned about their future in education? Your child might not have had all the support they required at school. This is not necessarily the failing of your child’s school, more the lack of understanding and/or resources. Children with autism and related conditions are hugely impacted by the environment around them, more so than the other children. In a lot of cases, to simply interact with another student or teacher takes a massive amount of concentration and classrooms do not always eliminate unnecessary distractions. 
Studies have shown that students with autism and related disorders do better when their work areas are sectioned off, creating a small secure space of their own. Many classrooms do not have carpets, which means the noises within the classroom are accentuated. Adding carpet on the floors can muffle the noise and echo of classroom. Another crucial necessity is natural light. Fluorescent lighting can be tough on the sight of a child with autism and related disorders, meaning work will be affected. 
Large windows and skylights allow sunlight to pour into a room and if available would certainly help a child struggling with the artificial light sources of a room. These types of changes can make a significant difference in the learning potential of a student with autism and related disorders. 
Generally, children with autism and related conditions have a lot of excess energy and when they indulge in exercise, they expend this energy, allowing them to study when they are calm and composed. So, it is important to ensure activities are regular and of a significant enough time period. 
Imagine then, being a head teacher and having to try to accommodate each child’s needs. It is a difficult juggling act for any school to do so. So, while your child may have failed at school or even just scraped through their education, there is no need to believe that education is over for them. Further education can be more easily adapted to meet your child’s needs than a main stream school. There are more options available for the type of learning your child (or by this time young adult) could opt for. For instance, you may find an eLearning approach works best, or an NVQ or a more vocational type of qualification. Whatever it is your young adult might be looking for, you need look no further than Course Detective: www.coursedetective.co.uk. They offer fantastic advice along with some amazing courses and qualification with accreditations. Whatever you are looking for just send them a message, they are always there to help and discuss all options available. Imagine your child being able to work in exactly the environment that works for them – a light and airy room with natural light and a quiet space. Imagine your child being able to take exercise whenever they need to. This is not impossible to achieve, just ask Course Detective, they have seen many young adults with autism and related disorders excel in further education. One might even say they have watched them SOAR! 
Perhaps you want to enhance skills and knowledge in the area of ASD, there are Level 2, fully online and fully accredited courses available, they are fully funded (subject to eligibility), or self funded. Email info@coursedetective.co.uk or WhatsApp 07411177392 for a prospectus.  
Why not let your young person soar?! Just because they were diagnosed (or not!) with autism or related disorders and maybe struggled at school, they don’t need to stop being ambitious. They can still find their perfect career or just simply improve their knowledge through study. Go on, take that first step now and contact Course Detective. 
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