With exam season approaching, now is the time to make a plan so you can achieve the grades that you want, need and deserve. Your mental health and wellbeing is absolute priority, you must look after it first, then everything else will fall into place little easier. Here are some helpful tips... 
First and foremost, remember to take breaks. It can be tempting to study non-stop, but taking regular breaks will actually help improve your concentration and retention of information. Make sure to schedule breaks into your study sessions and use this time to relax and recharge. 
Make sure you are getting enough sleep. A good night's sleep is crucial for optimal brain function, so be sure to prioritize your rest during this time. Try to establish a bedtime routine and avoid studying right before bed to help improve the quality of your sleep. 
Exercise is also important for both your physical and mental well-being. Even just a short walk or some light stretching can help reduce stress and improve your focus. Make time for exercise in your daily routine to help keep your energy levels up during the exam period. 
Finally, don't forget to take care of your mental health. It's normal to feel anxious or stressed during exam time, but it's important to have coping mechanisms in place. Consider practicing mindfulness or deep breathing exercises to help calm your mind and reduce anxiety. 
Remember, taking care of yourself during the GCSE exam period is just as important as studying. By prioritizing your self care, you can help ensure you are in the best possible shape to tackle your exams and achieve the grades you need. Check out our platforms and apps for tips and resources to help you succeed during this challenging time. 
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