The Association of Directors of Children’s Services (ADCS) estimate that around 82,000 children are now registered for Home Education. This estimated total amount of children in Home Education is higher than this, as registration is voluntary. This is an increase of 27% since pre Covid 19. 
Those who choose to home educate their children are responsible for ensuring the efficient provision of education to meet the child’s age, ability, and educational needs. They do not, however, need to follow the National Curriculum. It must be remembered that parents are required to assume full responsibility for the cost of education and any public examinations. 
The government offer guidance to those who wish to Home Educate their children which can be found here.  
Many parents feel that Covid 19 gave them the push they needed to take the leap into Home-Education. For instance, those parents who have been unable to get a diagnosis for their children suffering with various learning difficulties, in particular, have taken the plunge. Many felt that specialised provision of education was not forthcoming from the local authority. 
With that said then, where do parents find the assistance they need with Home Education? There are lots of free resources available, such as: 
Science for Early years, Primary and KS3 
You must create an account, but suitable for Primary and Secondary 
Some free resources, but to access everything there is a charge (£21.95 per annum) 
Rely on donations to keep materials free – reading app/website 
Kindle Books – plenty of free books available 
Create your own art/songs etc. (I was completely addicted to this!!) 
Online safety/body image etc. 
There are other providers out there who offer home education tips and advice, courses, and examinations. Personally, I believe that Course Detective offers comprehensive solutions and offers examples of where to find free courses as well as paid for versions. If you are choosing to home educate then paying for some educational tools is almost essential, certainly when it comes to GCSE and A-Levels. A child in mainstream senior school will cost parents various amounts, but generally parents pay for uniform, canteen, tuck shop, trips, donations, tickets to events etc. and parents should consider this when deciding what is a reasonable amount to pay for home education. 
It is also important to remember that home educated children can seek the assistance of qualified teachers in a home learning environment. So, if a parent feels that they are unable to teach their child on a particular topic, search for a teacher to assist you at home; one lesson a week might be all the child needs. Here is a link to information regarding a provider who offers afforable teaching and learning solutions with weekly personalised videos from an ex head teacher Also, here is further information regarding an online home education school which offers various subjects and services, at an addordable price 
If you are considering taking that step towards home education, why not contact they will be happy to advise. 
by Tammy Cooney 
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