If you are considering beginning a career in teaching or lecturing or seeking to transition from your current role into a teaching role, this will provide some insight into various aspects, such as; 
Earning potential 
Reasons for becoming 
Routes into teaching 
Age ranges to teach 
Possible qualifications 
Earning potential 
You will be wanting to get into teaching and lecturing for various reasons, such as making a difference to lives, making education accessible, a desire to share your knowledge and skills and more, but, understandably, it is useful to gain an idea of potential salaries (there are also hourly paid equivalent roles). 
How much do teachers earn in the UK? 
Primary and Secondary teachers (outside of London) 
Starting salaries (full time) begin at approximately £29000 per year, this can rise to £40000 as you become more experienced and move up the teachers’ pay scales. This can increase to £45000 for upper pay scales, more in London. Lecturers can earn a similar salary too (details on becoming a lecturer are below). 
Reasons for becoming a teacher or lecturer 
The reasons you wish to get into teaching or lecturing could be unique and personal to you. For example, you may have had a favourite teacher as a child who really had a positive and lasting impact on your life. You may remember having light bulb moments as a child, resulting in a desire to enable your pupils or students to have that same feeling, as a result of your teaching! Whatever your reason, it will be unique to you. 
Routes into teaching or lecturing 
There are various routes into becoming a teacher. You may already be in a trainee teacers position or a teaching assistant in a school. If you choose a School Direct (salaried) training programme, you are recruited as an unqualified teacher while you gain experience. The school in question might occasionally be one where you already work or have connections, you would gain QTS on completion. (www.ucas.com). Another route might be to complete a degree to gain QTS, this would be a university led programme, you would be placed in schools to gain the required experience. There are also routes in which involve completing a PGCE (Post Graduate Certificate in Education), following a degree.  
Another option is to gain QTLS, this would involve being a member in the Society for Education and Training (SET). Possessing a Level 5 or higher teaching qualification that is acceptable for FE and Training. Hold a level 2 maths qualification that qualifies. Hold a level 2 English qualification that qualifies. Possessing a subject-specific level 3+ qualification (www.set.et-foundation.co.uk). This would allow you to gain a role as a Primary or Secondary school in England, but not currently in Wales, it would however allow you to gain a lecturing role in Wales also.  
If you are looking to work as teacher in adult education, higher education, further education colleges, and a variety of other training and educational environments that are included in the sector, the Lifelong Learning Professional Graduate Certificate in Education is a Level 6 professional qualification which you may wish to complete. Also, after completing this, you can become an active member in the SET (see above) to gain QTLS if you wish.  
Age ranges to teach 
There are various ages which you can teach, depending on the qualification and status you hold. This is also detailed above, ages ranges can be from nursery to Higher Education.  
Possible qualifications 
As above, you may be awarded with QTS, QTLS, or if you gain a Professional Graduate Certificate in Education, you can still lecture in Further and Higher Education without QTS or QTLS. If you find out a possible path to suit your needs, feel free to contact us via email or WhatsApp to support you with beginning your journey. Or you may wish to contact us regarding other qualifications, for example- if you do'nt yet hold Functional Skills and wish to complete these to provide you with a step up to your next career step, or you may even already be in a role and wish to expand your qualifications and CPD. We can support you with looking for fully funded courses, CPD, assessing qualifications, award in education and training courses and much more, just ask us and we will search for you! 
Educational Technology. 
Adult Education. 
Curriculum Development. 
Possible courses of interest- CPD, functional skills, AET fully funded level 2 to support teaching. 
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