I know that I have blogged about the heat hampering activities in the past – that only goes to show that we really are living in a warmer climate than in previous years (in my humble opinion!) 
Apparently, this weekend is going to be hot, hot, hot, all over the UK. While I, like many, think the heat is wonderful (I would move to a hot country tomorrow, if I could) it does somewhat hamper the usual running of so many things, not least, if you need to study. Anyway, what can we do to help us during the hottest days of the year? 
1. Use aircon in the car (if you can). While this is pretty obvious to most, you may not be aware that your vehicle probably has a circulate air switch, which means the aircon will work at keeping the already cooler air in the car cool, rather than pulling the hot air from the outside and trying to cool that down. 
2. Keep hydrated by drinking cold water regularly – the cold drink actually reduces the core temperature of the body. This is true working the other way too, in that a hot drink can bring your core temperature up, which is why you often see medical treatments involve hot drinks! 
3. Put wet paper towels around your drinks bottles and then pop them in the freezer for a short time. The drinks will be ice cold quickly. 
4. Eat less red meat and heavy meals. We usually crave salads or small amounts of food because our metabolism works hard with heavy food causing a rise in body temperature. 
5. Pop your moisturiser in the fridge! 
6. Keep your feet cool. Dunking your feet in icy water can reduce your core temperature. This is also true of your wrists – putting your wrists under cold running water reduces core temperature. 
7. Weirdly, wearing socks can help, they absorb sweat, which in turn can keep your feet feeling cooler. 
8. Close blinds, curtains during the day – this keeps the hot air out (to an extent!) 
9. Unplug appliances – they all produce heat! 
With these top tips, I hope I have some effect and can help you to remain cooler during these lovely hot months in the UK (I say months……..?...!) Keep up the good work with studying and remember to visit www.coursedetective.co.uk for a great selection of available courses, to suit all budgets and all levels of academia. Right, I’m off to grab a bowl of iced water for my feet and a large glass of iced water to drink while sitting in a darkened room with the curtains closed!! 
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