There is a skills gap with many workers not being trained correctly, which costs millions per year. When companies don’t have the correctly qualified employees, many issues can arise, including compliance, and can cost the company a lot of money. Businesses can really suffer when they employ staff without the right talents. Online learning can allow companies to address their own business skills gap issues. 
Online training provides advantages over in-person instruction and is becoming necessary with the rise of remote work. 
The popularity of online training rose during the Covid 19 pandemic, as remote work became a reality and necessity for more and more employees. Where an employee might have been given “in house” training, in let’s say, Health and Safety at Work, prior to the Pandemic, companies had to find alternatives. 
The use of online training became essential. It is also believed that many staff felt more productive working from home and gave their positions more time and commitment. It is also possible that eLearning boosted retention of employees much more than when those employees were receiving traditional learning methods (face to face classroom learning for instance). If statistics are to be believed, employees who are engaged with their business’s eLearning offerings, deliver higher earning potential for the company. 
Other benefits for a business of eLearning include: 
· Better scalability 
· More affordable 
· Increased revenue 
· Greater flexibility 
· Cutting edge design 
· Continuous education 
· Reach on and off-site employees 
· Better training consistency 
So, what about personal development and learning? I work from home and believe I speak for many people in my position, when I say I could not imagine my life without eLearning. I watch webinars, YouTube and enrol on various courses, mostly through Course Detective, to keep myself up to date, so that my clients can relax in the knowledge I am aware of what is going on in the business world. I also use courses to broaden my knowledge and increase my competency in hobbies, such as cross stitch and sewing. It is amazing what is on offer out there! 
As technology evolves, eLearning systems are becoming more engaging, sophisticated, effective and focused – just take a look at the offerings from Course Detective at, for example. Content creators and instructional designers are trying to make content easier to digest and retain. In the future it is possible that Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) and Mixed Reality (MR) will rise in popularity, and you can rest assured that Course Detective will be at the forefront of their development within the learning environment. 
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