Course overview 
An online course called Skills for Success in Schools is available at any time through The curriculum has been developed taking into account an asynchronous course after being based on my Executive Functioning for Teenagers Workshop. Students will see presentations and videos in this course to better understand how various executive functioning skills might benefit them in the classroom. After that, students will work on activities to apply what they have learned into practise and make plans for how they will use these skills throughout the academic year. The course's objective is to provide students with the tools to function more effectively, complete tasks, and realise their potential. 
About the Teacher: I have a Masters degree in education and have been a high school special 
education teacher for the last nine years. This is my forth year running my own tutoring 
business, where I have focused on helping students develop executive functioning skills through 
coaching and online workshops. Between my teaching and tutoring, I have had a lot of success 
helping students reach their potential and become more independent learners. 
Workshop Outline: Estimated Time to complete Course 9 Hours and 40 Minutes 
Topic Details for the lesson 
Introduction to 
1. Video: Introduction to The Course and Executive 
2. Presentation/Notes: Introduction to Executive 
Functioning (9 Slides) 
3. Article: My Executive Functioning Journey 
4. Assignment: Executive Functioning Self 
Estimated time to complete: 65 Minutes 
Setting and 
Working Towards 
1. Presentation/Notes: Goal Setting and Planning 
(11 Slides) 
2. Assignment: Create Your SMART Goal 
3. Assignment: Create Your Own Action Plan 
Estimate time to complete: 65 Minutes 
Advocating for 
1. Presentation/Notes: Self Advocacy and Writing 
Emails (8 Slides) 
2. Handout: How to send a professional emails 
3. Assignment: Writing professional emails. 
Estimate time to complete: 60 Minutes 
Staying Organized 1. Presentation/Notes: Organization (11 Slides) 
2. Video: How to organize your drive and email 
3. Assignment: Organization Checklist 
Estimate time to complete: 75 Minutes 
Managing your 
1. Presentation/Notes: Time Management (9 Slides) 
1. Assignments on prioritization, estimating time, 
and scaffolding throughout the presentation. 
2. Video: Calendar organization and to-do-lists 
3. Assignment: Scheduling Activities 
Estimate time to complete: 80 Minutes 
Taking Effective 
1. Presentation.Notes: Taking Effective Notes (9 
2. Assignment - Practice Taking Notes 
3. Video - Note taking practice 
Estimate time to complete: 80 Minutes 
Studying for and 
Taking Tests 
1. Presentation/Notes: Studying for and Taking Test 
(20 Slides) 
2. Practice Test Taking Strategies during 
3. Assignment Practice Test 
4. Video: Answer Key for Practice Test 
Estimate time to complete: 90 Minutes 
Reaching your 
Academic Potential 
1. Video: Reaching your Academic Potential (5 
Materials: Each lesson will have note sheets and assignments. These materials can either be 
printed or saved to your computer. If you are printing them, I encourage you to use a folder and 
keep all of the assignments and notes together. If you are saving them to your computer, you 
can utilize split screens to watch the presentation and take notes. I recommend creating a folder 
on your drive and saving all notes and assignments to that drive, so you can refer back to them 
Assignments: Assignments are meant to be helpful for the learners. They are not handed in to 
be graded. In all lessons, I review how to complete assignments and when appropriate 
answers to assignments. If you have any questions about assignments, you can always email 
for support. 
Cost of course: The total cost of the course is $250. Payment is made on the course website. 
Payment plans are available. When enrolled, you have access to the course for 90 days. *Cost 
is reduced to $150 for the first 25 people who sign up. 
Payment Refunds: 100% refunds are available within 7 days of signing up for the course, if you 
are not satisfied. Once you are signed up for the course for 7 days, your payment is locked in. 
No Warranties: While I am a certified teacher and confident in the curriculum, I make no 
promises or warranties with regard to a students performance as a result of the course. 
Resources researched to develop curriculum: 
Smart but Scattered Teens by Richard Guare, Peg Dawson, and Colin Guare. 
Executive Function & Self-Regulation - Center for Developing Child - Harvard University 
Effective Note-Taking in Class - University of North Carolina 
*and more referenced through the years of teaching. 
Parent Testimonials from The Executive Functioning Workshop: 
Parent 1: 
I just wanted to drop a quick note saying how happy we’ve been with the Executive Functioning 
class. My son enjoys going and says it’s been helpful and interesting. After both classes he’s 
excitedly discussed what went on and what he learned that day. 
Thank you for taking the time to create and teach this class!!! We already see the positive 
Parent 2: 
We appreciate having the opportunity to enroll our son in your program. He did use your test 
taking skills info while taking a quiz that helped him get a 100 on that quiz and he recognized it 
was a skill you taught him that helped him through so we know he did take away some great 
tips from your classes! It was nice he recognized that what you taught him actually worked! 
Here’s hoping he can build on your class in 2021! Thank you! 
Parent 3: 
No missing assignments in 8 weeks!! 
Parent 4: 
I have seen. general improvement in organization and planning skills for school work, thank you 
so much! 
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