Option 1 
Ref: CDAET001 
What is the course? 
Formerly known as PTLLS, the Award in Education and Training gives you the knowledge you need to teach. It is a nationally recognised qualification, accredited through Open College Network West Midlands. 
Who is it for? 
Teachers, tutors, trainers or anyone delivering or planning to deliver sessions. We have helped chefs, support workers, business development professionals, health and safety trainers, nurses, hairdressers, job coaches, HR managers and in-house trainers become more effective teachers in their chosen field. Do you train other staff as part of your role or are you hoping to in the future? Perfect. Or are you not actually teaching but would like to be? Again: ideal. See next question… 
I’m not actually teaching or training or doing any sort of delivery at the moment though… 
That’s fine because the only observation you’ll have is a microteach session. This is a 15-minute session that you will deliver to your tutor and group on a subject of your choice. Your group will observe you and give you feedback and you’ll do the same for them. It’s a bit nerve wracking, like any assessment, but it’s an excellent opportunity to get feedback on your delivery and to see others teach. If you're already teaching, maybe the Level 4 Certificate in Education and Training is for you. If you're thinking of assessing as well, we offer AET combined with the Assessor qualification, saving over £100 on the total cost. 
How much time will it take? 
Around 48 guided learning hours. There are lots of options available for how the course can run and we would discuss your individual requirements before you sign up. The idea is that you attend and learn in a way that suits you. 
You have up to 6 months to complete your coursework. 
Are there any exams? 
No. Just the microteaching observation. Your work isn’t graded either: you either pass or you are referred, which means you have an opportunity to resubmit your work. We will of course give you as much support as you need to pass! 
NEW FOR 2020: We now have an option for you to complete the full Award with NO HOMEWORK. All assessments will be completed in the sessions. Ideal for busy people or those who prefer to learn by doing! 
What do our students say? 
Distance learning: "The best thing about this course was the support: from the initial enquiry, through to the excellent support offered. The speed at which enquiries were answered and assessments marked was fantastic" 
Classroom learning: "The course material was really well planned and easily understood. The tutor gave really good feedback and encouragement. I always looked forward to the sessions and was sad when the course came to an end" 
Classroom Learning FROM £600 
Class room Group Learning with NO Homework FROM £800 
Distance Learning FROM £265 (FREE P&P) 
Distance/Classroom Combined FROM £350 
Option 2 
Ref: CDAET002 
This qualification is the benchmark qualification for those starting to teach in adult education. It covers the key principles of inclusive teaching and assessment and is the ideal first step qualification to develop your skills or change your career. 
Duration: 1 week (48 guided learning hours). 
You will be taught in a group guided learning session but individual support will always be available. 
Course Content: 
You will be taught to understand: 
The roles, responsibilities and relationships in education. 
The key principles of inclusive teaching and learning approaches in education and training. 
The role of assessment in education and training. 
Assessment Structure
Internal Assessment: A written assignment will be set after each guided learning session. 
Portfolio of Evidence: Your internal assessments will be collated and sent for external validation. 
FROM £225 
Option 3 
Ref: CDAET003 
The Award in Education and Training is a level 3 teaching qualification for individuals that want to: 
Work as teachers or trainers in the further education and skills sector. 
Who are not in a teaching/training role, or who have just started a teaching role. 
This is for you if you want a qualification to enable you to make career choices. 
Our tutors and assessors will deliver the training to you by distance learning and can visit students in their place of work. 
Students who successfully complete the AET (formerly PTLLS) will have a fundamental understanding of the roles and responsibilities of a teacher in relation to legislation, equality, diversity and meeting the needs of learners. They will be able to plan and deliver sessions, using appropriate resources including lesson plans and teaching methods provided by us. 
Distance and Corporate Training 
FROM £280 
Option 5 
Ref: CDKOL05 
Course Summary 
This TQUK Level 3 Award in Education and Training will teach you the skills and attributes you'll need to become a competent teacher and create a thriving learning environment. 
Individuals who want to work or are presently working in Further Education Colleges, Independent Training Providers, or Local Authorities would benefit from this nationally recognised certificate, which will provide an introduction to teaching. 
Who is the Qualification for?  
This qualification is ideal for those who wish to start teaching or those already teaching but need a nationally recognised teaching qualification for their career development. It can meet the needs of a range of trainee teachers, such as: 
individuals not currently teaching or training 
individuals currently teaching and training, including those who have just begun teaching and training 
individuals currently working as assessors who wish to achieve a qualification that provides an introduction to teaching 
those who want a short qualification 
those who have the potential to study at this level, it has a similar level of demand as A-levels 
How will I study? 
Assignments, a portfolio of evidence, witness testimonies, personal statements, and occupational competency observation will all be used to assess the qualification. A 15-minute micro-teach will be expected of you, and your tutor will assist you with this. Each learner must provide portfolio evidence for each unit that indicates achievement of all learning outcomes and assessment criteria. 
The amount of time it takes you to finish the framework is totally dependent on your commitment and motivation to complete the assignments. Learners usually finish a Level 3 in Education and Training in 6-12 months. 
Our Level 3 Award in Education and Training is open to all persons, especially those who want to work in the education and training sector, are interested in the topic, or want to pursue a career as a teacher. 
You must be at least 19 years old to apply. 
It's preferable if you're 100% devoted to learning and completing your qualification. 
You'll need a group of students to conduct a micro-teaching session with. 
1. Choose and pay for your course over the internet. 
2. Fill out the registration form and attach your photo ID. 
3. Within 24 hours, you will receive a new login. 
4. Submit your work and earn your credential. 
Full Payment – £350 
£175 if paid over two months 
£88 if paid over 4 months 
Pay in 6 instalments – £58 
Option 4 
Ref: CDAET004 
The Level 3 Award in Education and Training is designed to give people the knowledge and confidence to teach in the post 16 education sector. This could be as a trainer in the private training industry or as a teacher/lecturer in further education. 
This qualification replaces the old PTLLS course, certifying people to teach at a nationally accredited standard 
The course is made up of three core units and requires three classroom days of attendance. Consisting of a combination of: 
Taught lectures 
Lesson Planning 
Group discussions 
Essay planning 
Learners will spend part of the first two days planning their own 15 minute microteach lesson ready to deliver it on day three. 
After the classroom days learners have one month to complete three essays at home / work. Templates are provided on the course to help make these easier. 
Who’s it for? 
This course is designed for individuals who would like to start teaching or for those who are already teaching but need a nationally recognised teaching qualification for their career development. 
It is designed for both the private training industry and post 16 educational institutes and covers the generic teaching skills that are required in becoming an effective teacher/trainer. 
Potential progression routes include the Level 4 Certificate in Education & Training (formerly CTLLS) or the Level 5 Diploma in Education & Training (formerly DTLLS). 
What you get out of it 
Learners will achieve the nationally recognised Ofqual approved Level 3 Award in Education and Training certificate . 
The aim is to give learners the confidence and knowledge to teach. By the end of the course learners will understand how to set up an effective and inclusive learning environment. 
Everyone on the course designs, delivers and evaluates a 15 minute microteach, gaining invaluable feedback from their teacher and peers. 
What will I learn? 
You will learn the skills and qualities required to become a successful teacher/trainer. 
Unit A looks at your roles and responsibilities as a teacher. 
Unit B involves planning your own session and the importance of providing an inclusive teaching setting that meets all individual needs. 
Unit C investigates the three main types of assessment in teaching and the pivotal role that ongoing assessment in teaching plays. 
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