Lower School Biology is designed to excite, inform and skill young Biologists. It is also designed to build confidence and enjoyment of Biology Key Stage 3. 
Teacher assessments are continuous during LIVE TAUGHT lessons, marking of coursework and assignments and summative tests. 
Homework will be given at the end of each week, usually in the form of researching key concepts, quizzes for recapitulation and subject related fun, completing of coursework. 
Parents have 24 /7 access to all of their children’s coursework, grades and teacher feedback. Additionally parents can arrange consultations with teachers at mutually convenient times. 
Course Outline 
Biology is the study of the biological world, what it looks like and how it works. Lower school Biology is informed by the English National Curriculum Key Stage 3 Programmes of study. This ensures pupils have the expected knowledge, skills and understanding to progress to Upper school at any English school 
Key Topics Taught 
Structure and function of living organisms (cells and organisation, the skeletal and muscular systems, nutrition and digestion, gas exchange systems, reproduction, health) 
Material cycles and energy (photosynthesis, cellular respiration) 
Interactions and interdependencies (relationships in an ecosystem) 
Genetics and evolution (inheritance, chromosomes, DNA and genes) 
No specialised equipment required. 
The Teacher has a doctorate and is a highly experienced neuroscientist and educator at Lower school, IGCSE and A Level. She is friendly and approachable and is able to make the complex understandable, and enthuse young biologists with the subject. The teacher has high expectations and works hard to support her pupils. 
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