Benefits for the training providers 

Training providers have the opportunity to liaise with and discuss specific requirements with the team at Course Detective. There is a small administration fee for the uploading of course materials to the Course Detective website of £5 per course and fees for leads are only invoiced following our quality warm leads. It is more likely that a course seeker will sign up with you and enrol by having more direction, following advice and guidance provided by real people
Showcase your courses by sending us an e mail detailing which courses you wish to have us showcase, also- include a link to your website, if you don't have a website- send us the course content or sign post us to where we can find the content. Please note- this confirms that you agree to the terms and conditions.  
When you advertise with Course Detective, you can be sure that your courses will be seen by potential students who really want to learn with you. We don’t just wait for course seekers to come to us via our website: we actively identify your future learners on social media, speaking directly to them to find out their needs and making sure that they have all of the information that they need about your course. You will only receive warm leads from us; so you’ll know that, by the time you speak to the learner, they know all about your course and they’re ready to sign up! 
Frequently asked questions 
Where will my courses be advertised? 
Here on the Course Detective website. Course seekers can search for qualifications via our courses page. We also promote programmes via our social media channels such as Facebook. Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. Each month we highlight a course of the month and every other day post useful facts about that qualification and how students will benefit if they choose to study. 
How will you know the finer details of my courses? 
When you work with Course Detective, you will work with Faye, Matt or Julie who will get to know your business and your courses inside out. As well as chatting with you on the phone, we’ll also ask for as much written information about your courses as possible. We can only go on the information you provide, so do tell us as much about your courses as you can! That way, we can ensure that the leads we send you are as warm as possible. 
If you have several providers advertising the same course as mine, how will mine stand out? 
Course Detective is about matching learners to the right courses. We don’t want to send you lots of leads that come to nothing! Your course will be listed on our Courses page. Course seekers can see their options, then, when they enquire, they get straight through to one of our advisors who will speak to them about their specific requirements. So while we’ll do everything we can to promote your qualifications, we’ll only do this to the right people who suit your business. 
How many courses can I advertise? 
As many as you like! Advertising with Course Detective is FREE! You only pay when we send you a warm lead. 
What is classed as a warm lead?  
A member of our team will have a minimum of one conversation with the course seeker to establish their needs and provide advice and guidance 
Ensure as far as practicable that the course seeker is aware of the cost of the course and establish how they intend to pay 
Ensure as far as practicable that the course seeker is looking to start the course within a reasonable time (for example within 1 month for distance learning and within 3 months for classroom learning, this would be agreed with you as an individual provider) 
What if the course I want to advertise doesn’t lead to an accredited qualification? 
That’s absolutely fine. We explain to course seekers throughout the process exactly what they’re getting, as well as explaining fully the difference between accredited and non-accredited courses. 
What happens if a lead you send me doesn’t sign up to the course? 
We’re confident in the quality of our leads because of our robust advice and guidance processes; designed to ensure that students are ready to learn by the time they get to you. If for any reason a lead doesn't transfer to an enrollment, please feedback to us so we can review it. However, just to be totally sure, we will offer you your first lead completely free so there is absolutely no risk at all to you to advertise your course with Course Detective. 
What other benefits are there for me to work with Course Detective? 
As well as only sending you warm leads, with your first lead free; advertising across a variety of social media channels; pro-actively searching for course seekers; giving you an unlimited number of advertising spaces and a personal service that is run by people not robots, you also have the opportunity to send us your blog posts, which we will publish on our website and share on social media. This is an excellent opportunity to drive traffic to your website and showcase yourself as the leader in your area of specialism. 
What happens if our prices change, we’re running an offer or we withdraw the course? 
Simply let us know by phone, text or email and we will update your course listing accordingly. 
How much will it cost me? 
Great! How do I get started? 
Get in touch and speak with one of our friendly team who will get you started and advertise your courses straight away! 
Got a question we haven’t answered? Just get in touch 
We look forward to finding students for your courses very soon! 
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